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Not satisfied with the performance of your valves? We can fix it.

tl_files/bilder/Ventilutions_Logo_rgb.jpgOur ‘Ventilutions’ concept stands for efficient and innovative custom valve solutions from RSG. We design and realise these solutions according to your specifications or to meet your precise needs. Are your valves too costly, too complex or don’t provide a good enough seal? We can show you the better way to do things!

Well worth knowing: In most cases, we respond to our customers’ specific needs with products from our standard portfolio and then adapt them appropriately to meet your requirements. This means that the extra costs for you are almost negligible. How do we do it? As already mentioned in the ‘Company’ section, we have been developing and implementing custom solutions for our customers since 1985. Today, and thanks to this principle, we are able to offer optimum solutions for almost any need with products from our constantly upgraded modular system. On the rare occasions that we don’t have the ideal product for your needs, we simply design it and commission its production by one of our German suppliers – with short turnaround times and at a fair price. The important thing is that you let us know exactly what you need and how much. Then we take care of everything else. You have our word.